Shiso Tree Cafe

Drove all the way out to J-town and indulged in a delicious Japanese inspired Italian cuisine for the very first time. When I first heard about it I was like huh? How does Japanese & Italian work?! But nevertheless, when I arrived at this particular comfortable and cozy cafe, I came to realize that this was a Japanese owned pasta house. I am a sucker for pasta and I must say their pasta was very “detail -oriented” – the uniqueness and combinations is very different then the pastas you usually find.  The pasta was pretty good but I’ve had better but I did indeed loveeeeeeeeeeed their fries *nom nom nom*

They have 3 different types of pasta: Cream Sauce, Tomato Sauce and Wafu (Japanese inspired pasta) The price of the pasta ranges from $10-$15 depending on which section you order from.

And for $7 more, you can turn your pasta entree into a combo that includes: a salad, soup of the day, and a slice of cake from Bakery Nakamura

Taro Smoothie (Left) & Mango Smoothie (Right)

Yukon Golden Nori Fries

  • seriously best fries ever! I couldn’t stop munching on them all night
  • the ends of the fries were really crispy – seasoned perfectly

Soup of the Day (can’t remember the name of the soup for the life of me T___T)

  • I really enjoyed the soup – came out super hot – the “Croutons” were still semi-crunchy
  • the soup wasn’t too concentrated or too filling =]

Sukiyaki Pasta

  • the flavours for the sukiyaki pasta was blended perfectly
  • thinly sliced beef with herbs on top & fresh slice of garlic bread
  • this was part of the “Wafu” section of the pasta (Japanese inspired)

Pasta with Prawns with Tomato Sauce

  • So I decided to try a different category of their pasta section and chose tomato sauce because it’s one of my favourite
  • 4 pieces of prawns & garlic bread
  • I enjoyed this pasta but I have had better – I guess it didn’t WOW me like the sukiyaki pasta

Chocolate Mouse Cake by Bakery Nakamura

I’m definitely looking forward to my next visit at Shiso Tree Cafe. Can’t wait to indulge in more yummy Golden Yukon Niro fries (highly recommend) and maybe next time i’ll order from their cream pasta section =]

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Toula Ristorante & Bar

(Super delayed post! & a Super short post- because I’m in a rush!) My relatives from Hong Kong came to visit during the weeks of Summerlicious. I was totally excited to take advantage of the summerlicious deals and chose go to  Toula again.
Despite the mixed reviews, I actually enjoyed my first visit there a year ago- absolutely loved the lobster pasta and the tiramusi I ordered for dessert. Server was friendly and attentive. The restaurant itself had magnificent views during night – overlooking the nightlife of downtown Toronto.
However, I was really disappointed with my whole experience during this second visit. The food and service was “meh” so I was literally just paying for the ambiance and the location. Its safe to say that I don’t think I will be returning again!

View of the restaurant & sparking lake!

Amore Salad with Baby Arugula

  • toasted Pine Nuts, fresh Strawberries and shaved Parmigiano Cheese, Honey-Champagne Dressing
  • the appetizer was a beautiful piece of art! – but too bad it tasted the complete opposite of how it looked

Handmade P.E.I. Lobster Ravioli

  • with a light Basil Pesto a la Genovese
  • about 15 ravioli pieces
  • Ok – who orders Ravioli at summerlicious?!?! Well me. My relatives decided to each order a different item from the menu and I was stuck with this (lol)
  • This pasta was extremely dry despite all the pesto sauce you see in the picture below
  • The lobster pieces inside the ravioli had no flavour – everything was just bland and dry – urgh!

Homemade Creme Brulee

  • So I actually enjoyed something during this meal….
  • The creme brulee was smooth and yummy underneath the fruits and the all layer of sugar!

Overall, spectacular view, location and ambiance. I already said enough about the food. Actually, I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the food my relatives order nor did I get to try them but they told me they didn’t enjoy it either. So I’m definitely going to spend my $$ trying new restaurants during licious.

Price: $35 + tax + gratuity

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Nami Japanese Seafood

Driving along Adelaide, I noticed Nami Japanese Seafood. Judging from the exterior, I thought Nami was something mysterious because the outside is solid black with just “NAMI” written. You definitely couldn’t tell it is a restaurant – and at one point I thought it was a nightclub because the entrance looks so much like the entrance to Embassy Night club (lol)


Anyways, after doing some research about Nami, I came back a few days later =D

The traditional cuisine is really warm and cozy. Booths were lined up along one side of the restaurant, the back had long tables for larger groups and on the right was an open sushi bar and a open grille/ teppanyaki section. We were seated in one of the individual booths and I was happy because they had good lighting for me to take better pictures =D

The first dish that started off the meal was:

寿司ピザ Sushi Pizza ($12.50)

  • this sushi pizza was definitely LARGE compared to ones that I’ve had at other sushi places
  • marinated salmon sashimi topped with onions and flying fish roe, garnished with spicy sauce, and served on a deep fried sushi rice cake
  • i know it’s just a sushi pizza, but I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw this (lol)
  • the pizza looks great but tasted amazing!!!
  • usually salmon sashimi only covers 2/3 of the pizza but i was surprised to see it cover the whole pizza with so much flying fish roe filling up the center

 たたき Nami Tuna Tataki ($18.50)

  • seared tuna thinly sliced  and served with citrus ponzu sauce
  • the sashimi was absolutely fresh and tasty
  • the tuna was cut to the perfect thickness
  • 6 tuna pieces on plating

寿司の春巻 Sushi Spring Roll

  • i absolutely love rolls but sadly the sushi spring roll didn’t WOW me like the other dishes
  • actually – it didn’t leave me an impression at all

鮭かま Sake Harami ($8.75)

  • salmon belly  with a light teriyaki sauce (you get a choice of teriyaki or salt)
  • grilled perfectly just the way I like it
  • they had slices of lime on the side in case you wanted to add more flavour to this delicious salmon

牛網焼きBeef Amiyaki ($13.25)

  • US Black Angus cut into cubes and cooked at the table on a small Hibachi. served with sesame sauce
  • I absolutely love this dish because of the presentation and love how you can cook the Angus to your liking
  • I found the Angus was a lot juicier than the one I tried at Inayaka (I will post about my dining experience there later)

焼き鳥 Yakitori ($7.45)

  • Dark meat chicken pieces and green onions skewered and grilled in salt taste or teriyaki taste
  • I don`t even know where to begin about the yakitori – I am usually hesitant to order chicken or any kind of skewer because I`m always scared that it will turn out extremely dry etc.
  • The yakitori was absolutely mind-blowing, flavourful and well-seasoned
  • I honestly couldn`t stop eating yakitori – I usually just take a small piece of the skewer but this time I almost finished all of it without noticing (lol)

スパイシーまぐろ巻き Spicy Tuna Roll 6 pieces ($8.50)

  • Tuna and cucumber with spicy sauce
  • I love my rolls and spicy tuna is one of my favourite – that being said – I was disappointed with this roll
  • the presentation was sloppy
  • in terms of taste –  i thought it was just mediocre, nothing special or memorable

ざる うどん/そば Zaru Soba ($9.50)

  • Cold noodle broth served with soy based bonito dipping sauce
  • this was my second time trying zaru soba and I’m still indifferent about this dish
  • You basically pour the egg into the soba and mix it and then EAT
  • I don’t find it special or anything (yet) – probably because I don’t like eating cold noodles

I walked out of Nami Japanese Seafood super full and satisfied (minus the rolls). This place might be slightly expensive but I think its money well spent. This restaurant definitely does not disappoint!

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Five Guys

When I walked into Five Guys, I noticed that it was a very “50s” feel – red and white checkered throughout the whole restaurant and then I noticed all the signs along the walls reading = “Voted Best Burger for Families” ,  “Voted Best Bargain” , “The BEST $5 Burger a man can eat” etc. – Umm, I guess I was slightly disappointed and don’t get me wrong – the burgers were fresh – but nothing special in my opinion (I’ll explain more later).

The menu is simple and easy to read. There are no combos – so it becomes slightly more expensive.  A meal can cost a person up to $10-$15 if you get fries with the burger (and depending what burger you order). So my friend and I each ordered our own cheeseburger and shared a large fries and a pop – which came out to around $25!


  • the burger was fresh and hot – but greasy
  • the patty was cooked to well done
  • or a little bit TOO well done – because I didn’t find their burgers juicy
  • excessive amount of cheese don’t you think?

I forgot to take pictures of the fries T______T but I thought the fries were just like the burger – Fresh – but nothing special. Overall, they were alright but definitely didn’t live up to all the hype about it.

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Yuzu Sushi & Sake Bar

Hands Down. Yuzu Sushi & Saki bar is one of my top picks for sushi in downtown Toronto. I enjoyed a delicious dinner at Yuzu a few months ago. Everything I ordered was made insanely fresh and well presented and the sashimi was UBER DELICIOUS!!. I absolutely love everything about this restaurant. Yuzu is very modern and comtemporary looking – opened by Chef Ken (owner of Sushi Couture, former owner of Japango). However, Yuzu is more on the pricey side but it is definitely money well spent.  I would definitely recommend this place for sushi lovers =]


Interior of the Restaurant:

Spicy Tuna Roll ($7)

  • absolutely loved this roll
  • the only thing I didn’t like was the cucumbers – usually salmon/ tuna rolls aren’t suppose to have cucumbers
Closer shot of the roll:

Sashimi Dinner – Chef’s Selection, 15 pieces of Sashimi ($25)

  • The sashimi was the most juiciest  and freshest sashimi I have EVER eaten – I literally felt like I was in heaven!!!!
  • Every piece was cut into the exact same thickness
  • My favourite piece was the sea beam <3
  • I’m craving for more again while blogging about it (lol)
Closer shot of the sashimi dinner:

Yuzu Maki (House Roll) – shrimp, tempura, spicy scallop, avocado, tobiko, seared at table ($18)

  • Whenever I go eat sushi, I always order the house roll – and this one did not disappoint AT ALL!
  • I couldn’t capture the flames that surrounded the roll =(
  • Seriously, one of the best house rolls I ever had
Closer shot:
Green Tea Creme Brulee ($
  • I love the presentation of this dish – very simple and elegant
  • Green tea was very prominent in the creme brulee but not overpowering
  • The custard was very smooth and tasty
I usually never eat the foods that are used to decorate the dish because they never look fresh. But I made an exception and finished all the fruits on the plate =]
Closer shot of the Creme Brulee

Everything at Yuzu is just simply divine. Definitely looking forward to my next visit (if I can afford it) hahahaha =)

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Lunch at Spencer’s Restaurant

I just realized my favourite way to destress myself is to photoshop pictures.
I just photoshopped some pictures from about a few months ago when I went to 1340 Lakeshore Road in Burlington! Indulged in a yummy duck confit pizza at Spencer’s Restaurant facing the sparkling lake.

The view from the restaurant was absolutely breathtaking!! Wish we made an earlier reservation to sit on the patio to face the lake but we got a window seat so – Not bad at all *smiles*

The food at Spencer’s Restaurant is just average – well at least I was satisfied with my entree. I can’t vouch for anything else because there has been mixed reviews about the food here. In terms of the service, our server wasn’t very friendly – and it made me feel uncomfortable as well. It actually took quite long for our food to come out so we just sipped our drinks and enjoyed the view while waiting.


View from our seats – so pretty!

Virgin Pina Colada ($7) & Jasmine Iced Tea ($5)

Steak, Egg & Frites – 6 oz striploin, Yukon Fries, fried egg, mushroom, watercress ($24)

  • This entree definitely looked better than it tasted
  • My friend told me the steak was mediocre – but the yukon fries tasted delicious

Confit Duck & Shitake Mushrooms – panna, white bean, Ontario raw sheep’s milk feta ($18)

  • This tasted so much better than it looked – absolutely loved this pizza
  • the duck and the feta went so well together
  • It came on its own personal pan – which I thought was really cute
  • When I ordered this I thought it was a duck confit entree and completely didn’t see that it was under the “pizza section”
  • nevertheless, absolutely loved the pizza
  • I only finished half – and packed the other half =)

Spencer’s had a open wood pizza oven – that was something I liked about restaurant.  The food was just average – the view is nice and everything but I find that our meal was rather expensive… and it was only lunch. I’m not sure i’ll return because its pricey and also I rather spend my money trying other restaurants on my list =D

After lunch, we strolled along lakeshore and I took my camera for a tan, snapping a photo here and there. Apparently they turn the pool beside the restaurant into a skating rink during winter =D

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Kikoni Izakaya

Kokoni Izakaya is located in the heart of “The Village” and has been open for a few months now. The cozy restaurant is just located steps away from Guu Izakaya and serves a variety of small tapas-style specialty dishes that goes well with beer! I really enjoyed indulging in the foods here. In my opinion, I found that their food tasted average – not really memorable prices are a lot cheaper than Guu. However, their service is closer to the slow side and this was expected as I read reviews about their “slow service but good food”

Despite the slow service, I actually don’t mind waiting for food (as long as I’m not in a rush)

Pork Belly Yakitori 

Wasabi Salad



Beef Tataki 

Green Dragon Roll

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Cafe 28

Cafe 28 place is incredibly cheap just like a lot of other places in Markham/ Richmond Hill area. Its definitely a hidden gem, decent food, well presented but obviously not top notch quality – but hey! you get what you pay for! =p

This place is definitely worth a try and definitely worth the price!

Cafe 28 has a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal for $19.99 from Monday-Wednesday nights & another Buy 1 Get 1 Free for $29.98 from Thursdays-Sundays. I’ve tried both deals and find the weekend deal is better in terms of quality of the food. Because they don’t have a website (yet), I took a picture on the menu =]

 Caesar Salad 

Baked Lobster Linguini with Mushrooms

  • I ordered the baked lobster linguini and loved it! The sauce wasn’t too heavy or creamy they made it just perfect
  • My only complaint would be there wasn’t that much meat in the lobster

Angus AAA Ribeye Steak 8 oz. 

New Zealand Spring Lamb Rack 

Sole (Basa) Fillet & Tiger Shrimp 

Heres the $29.98 weekend deal menu!

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