Five Guys

When I walked into Five Guys, I noticed that it was a very “50s” feel – red and white checkered throughout the whole restaurant and then I noticed all the signs along the walls reading = “Voted Best Burger for Families” ,  “Voted Best Bargain” , “The BEST $5 Burger a man can eat” etc. – Umm, I guess I was slightly disappointed and don’t get me wrong – the burgers were fresh – but nothing special in my opinion (I’ll explain more later).

The menu is simple and easy to read. There are no combos – so it becomes slightly more expensive.  A meal can cost a person up to $10-$15 if you get fries with the burger (and depending what burger you order). So my friend and I each ordered our own cheeseburger and shared a large fries and a pop – which came out to around $25!


  • the burger was fresh and hot – but greasy
  • the patty was cooked to well done
  • or a little bit TOO well done – because I didn’t find their burgers juicy
  • excessive amount of cheese don’t you think?

I forgot to take pictures of the fries T______T but I thought the fries were just like the burger – Fresh – but nothing special. Overall, they were alright but definitely didn’t live up to all the hype about it.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Urbanspoon

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  1. Jeff said:

    You know what made me sad about their burgers? The processed cheese… If only they had used something else!

    • Yeahh!!! this place was quite disappointing altogether
      Do you have any recommendations for good burger joints?! =)

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